Previous Events

The McMaster Neuroscience Society organizes frequent events throughout the year that tailor to the interests of honours neuroscience students. These events are opportunities to build new connections, spend time with your peers, and to explore your academic passions. From large scale academic affairs to informal social gatherings, there is an event for every individual. Previous events organized by the MNS have included formal conferences such as MUNC, game and movie nights, laser tag, study sessions, and more!

Despite the hardships faced during COVID-19, the MNS stayed committed to maintaining the sense of community within the Honours Neuroscience program. We have embraced technology to create more online platforms to continue building our community. The MNS will serve to ensure social connections are built and maintained! After being apart for so long, we hope to bring honours neuroscience students together and to overall make the 2022-2023 school year memorable and enjoyable for each student!

Information about several annual events are showcased below. Make sure to follow our social media platforms to stay updated on all ongoing events and fundraisers throughout the year!

Synapse Mentorship Program Social

The Synapse Mentorship social is the perfect opportunity for incoming students to seek advice from upper year students, and for students to build an important mentor/mentee relationship. All three years of neuroscience students join together to share experiences, opinions, and future academic and/or career directions.

McMaster Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference

McMaster Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference (MUNC) bridges a connection between professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students interested in neuroscience research. MUNC is an opportunity to network, to seek answers to your questions about grad school, and to discuss the remarkable neuroscience research happening right here at McMaster.

Neuroscience Formal

A formal event that includes dinner, dancing, and great company! The neuroscience formal is a night to escape the stresses of school, and to spend quality time with your peers and favourite professors.

NeuroXChange Conference

NeuroXChange (NXC) is a Canada-wide undergraduate research conference that showcases fascinating research and innovations in the field of neuroscience. The conference features discussions in the form of oral presentations and lectures, poster presentations, and panels. NeuroXChange encourages students to expand their interest for neuroscience, and provides the unique opportunity for undergraduate students to present and discuss their own research.