What is the McMaster Neuroscience Society?

The purpose of the McMaster Neuroscience Society is to represent students within the Honours Neuroscience program, while increasing the presence and awareness of the program at McMaster and within local communities through Neuroscience related events. We aim to create research and networking opportunities for science students interested in Neuroscience through bridging relations with the McMaster Neuroscience Graduate Program.

What is Neuroscience?

Program Information

For more information about the Honours Neuroscience program, check out the website created by our program director Dr. Goldreich: hhttps://avenue.cllmcmaster.ca/d2l/eP/presentations/presentation_preview_popup.d2l?presId=247413

For information about program admission and course requirements, please visit the academic calendar: https://academiccalendars.romcmaster.ca/preview_program.php?catoid=41&poid=22190.